What is E-Comm Landing?

E-Comm Landing is a e-commerce company that offers its products and services through online using the power of e-commerce. It is a new e-commerce company that has vision to grow faster in the market place earning customers’ trust and satisfaction.

Does it sell directly?

No. E-Comm Landing does not sell directly. E-Comm Landing has several brands (in the pipeline) and all offers its own products or services through respective websites.

What is its function then?

E-Comm Landing the registered business identity that deals with the customer payments and regulatory authorities. While each brand is offering customer the best products and services, E-Comm Landing builds and executes policies time to time to make sure every brand is operating within the regulatory framework.

What are your brands?

We have launched our first online shop www.teampassion.shop and its fully functional. Several others in pipeline. We taking care to launch any brand to make sure the quality and integrity are not compromised at any cost.

Can you tell me about shipping policy?

Generally we follow a free shipping policy for all of of our brands. But it may vary sometimes because of change in regulatory policy or change in a local laws. We update our shipping policy accordingly and it will published in respective brand’s website.

Can you tell me about return and refund policy?

It depends on the particular products or services that Please revert back to the respective brand’s website you are purchasing from. We are very transparent about this.

Is my payment secure?

Absolutely! We have 0.00 compromise about it. We are using Paypal and Stripe now in brands’ websites. Both are internationally recognized online payment service provider. We are also in discussion with couple of more companies but we will make sure the security of customer payment is maintained with the highest standard.