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We are in online retailing, sports & fitness and jewelry – we are growing fast. Our products is delivering to all major cities in US, Canada, EU, Australia and New Zealand.

We believe in growing together, with our expertise in e-Commerce, we are in Clip path image servicing and on digital marketing services that helps your business to thrive in internet marketplace.

adding value to market place

We believe that your passion and interest is a reference to your uniqueness. We believe in displaying the products that express that uniqueness and you are truly passionate about.


At the Neith Sports we believe that the fitter version of you will produce the better version of yourself – this journey is continuous, consistent and adopted for lifetime.


The mission we are striving for is to make the finest jewelleries available for everybody. Quality, affordability, and elegance is what we aspire to achieve.



Clipping Path and Image Editing Services

Clipping path, also known as deep etch or silo, is a photo editing technique. It creates a path around the subject of the image to remove the background. We have a highly skilled team of experts having experience delivering to customers around the globe.



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